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Oakley’s are proud to be Mountfield dealers.

Mountfield is well known for the quality and reliability of its lawnmowers, lawn tractors and garden equipment. For the last 50 years Mountfield has been an iconic brand in the UK garden machinery market and especially with its association with roller lawnmowers.

As Mountfield dealers we can supply you with a complete range of ride on lawnmowers, petrol lawnmowers, electric lawn mowers, self propelled lawnmowers, push lawnmowers or mulching lawnmowers with options of steel or aluminium decks, self propelled, key start, rear rollers and not least a wide range of deck widths.


Mountfield Petrol Mowers are a good choice for homeowners with larger gardens, with more power than mains electric models and without the worry and restriction of the cable.

The range includes four wheel lawnmowers which have the benefit of good manoeuvrability and also leave an excellent finish to your lawn. The range includes a rear roller lawnmower which will leave that, still very popular, striped lawn effect.

Often customers are nervous about investing in a petrol lawnmower as they were traditionally hard to start. However, today modern petrol lawnmower engines are easy to start, simply set the throttle control to the choke position, hold the operator presence control lever against the handlebar to release the engine brake and pull the starter cord.  The operator presence control lever is a safety device, release it and the engine stops in seconds.

For ultimate ease of use choose a Mountfield petrol lawnmower with electric key start; then you’ll just have to turn a key to start the engine!


If you have got a smaller garden a Mountfield mains electric mower could be the perfect choice for you. They are quiet, lightweight and easy to use making them popular with domestic gardeners.

As Mountfield Dealers, Oakley’s Groundcare can also supply you with a comprehensive range of electric lawnmowers including four wheel mowers and machines with a rear roller to achieve that perfect striped lawn.

Mountfield electric lawnmowers have simple controls which feature a safety cut out switch. When you let go of the control lever the motor cuts out in seconds.


Disposing of grass cuttings can be a challenge, particularly at the height of the growing season, which is why many gardeners invest in a Mountfield mulching lawnmower.

Instead of the grass clippings being collected, or simply left on top of the lawn they are circulated underneath the lawnmower cutting deck and shredded into small particles, then forced into the base of the turf, where they quickly decompose, returning nitrogen to the soil.

They make lawn mowing simple and quicker, as you will no longer have to regularly interrupt your mowing to dispose of the grass cuttings. They are also quieter, with Mountfield claiming their mulching lawnmowers are half as noisy as a conventional petrol lawnmower, thanks to the revolutionary design of their cutting deck.

If you would like to learn more about mulching lawnmowers contact Oakley’s, your friendly and knowledgeable Mountfield dealers.

As Mountfield dealers we offer all the Mountfield range of lawnmowers with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty (the period varies according to the model), which gives you peace of mind and protect your investment. When you buy a Mountfield mower you are buying a quality machine that will provide you with years of service and reliability.

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